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Being bold and an invitation to join the journey and co-create a new path for business in 2016

The shifts that are taking place are moving us from an Industrial economy, where we hired laborers, to a knowledge economy, where we hired minds and experts to today’s emerging human-to-human purpose and experience driven economy, where we engage people with hearts and souls. In the 21st century, business is personal. The opportunity is to shape a new face of leadership and business in this new human economy.

If you are looking for a good read for you and your tribe in 2016, please consider supporting Our Journey to Business Common Sense. The first two sentences in the book are: “There is nothing new. We have everything we need.” It sticks with you throughout the entire book/journey and the stories of 21st century leaders who are creating a new path for business as a force of social good.

For those who don’t get crowdfunding and are questioning why I am doing this, all I can say is that over 180 books have been sold in 11 countries during one of the toughest times to get people’s attention (December holidays) and I am so grateful for this support. It puts me in direct contact with the people who want to co-create a new path for us. I am including this experience in the book so I can share it with others and hopefully in that help anyone (even if they don’t read the book. I am here to answer questions and share after I am done writing).

There has been amazing support from people simply spreading the word in their communities and that means the world to me. There are many ways we can support each other in this century.

For those who are struggling with “how to” support the campaign and have sent me emails, simply go to…/…/ and pick the option you are comfortable with or simply share with someone who would be interested in joining our journey to common sense.

And here is one of the songs from the journey’s campaign backer levels: Fly Away (inspired by Aerosmith)

Do you see a bluer sky now
You could have a better life now
Open your eyes
No one here can ever stop us
They can try but we won’t let them

Blessings on your journey!

Wishing each of us love, peace and the gift of picking ourselves to LIFEwork. We are all connected.

PS. LIFEworking: The secret to life is there is no secret. No one has the answers for us. The journey is to have a life, where we show up as who we are and connect with people who care about what we care about. Life is for living. Here is to a new generation of lifeaholics …

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