Want to know more about The LIFEworking Experience. Hopefully this will answer your questions.

Who Is This For?
Are you ready to create the change you want to see in the world?
Are you someone who wants to be in charge of their life? Are you ready to pick yourself instead of waiting to be picked by others? Are you ready to create an impact greater than just yourself?
Dream, pick, create.
Lead a life of extraordinary impact and leave the world a better place in tangible ways.

More on who this is for:
Do you question yourself on the impact you are making in your life and the lives of others?
Is there an undercurrent of stress in your life? This is sometimes weak and sometimes strong but it is always there under the surface.
Do you worry about what others are thinking of you?
Are there days you feel that nobody truly understands you?
Do you feel stuck in some area of your life… as if you are trying to row a kayak against the current?
Would you like to recapture the joy of your youth when you were proud to display your crayon drawings on the refrigerator and imagined what the clouds looked like as you laid in the grass?
Would you like to have purposeful, meaningful connections with others? Ones where conversations took place and lead to co-creating possibilities?
Would you like to inspire others? To help them unearth talents they never knew they had and reach heights they could not have dreamt about?
Does life feel like it’s moving too fast?
Have you achieved societal success and still feel empty?
Are you beginning to question what your legacy will be?
Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others?
Are you still asking yourself what you want to be when you grow up?
Have you achieved success in life, but now wonder how you achieve it again?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions you should apply for the LIFEworking Experience NOW.
If you answered ‘yes’ to three or more of them, you are exactly the kind of person to create the ship with other like minded souls.
If you apply for this life changing adventure and are accepted, it will transform your life for the better in a manner that you cannot even conceive of.

Why Costa Rica?
Costa Rica was first sovereign nation without a standing army. It has lead the way in environmental policies being the only country to meet all five criteria established to measure environmental sustainability. Costa Rica lead the ecotourism industry and it’s Human Development Index ranks highest among Latin American country. As we look to connect with ourselves, others and our surroundings, Costa Rica provides the perfect environment to create something greater than ourselves.

Who are Ayelet and Tim?
Ayelet fired herself from corporate America 3 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. She is the author or Our Journey to Business Common Sense, where she is a journey of possibilities for the 21st century leader.
Tim is an old soul in a young body, and has been that way for over 30 years. He’s made a living connecting people with purpose and understands the value, and difference, between networks and communities.
Together, they are co-creating the world they want to live in. They don’t proclaim to have all the answers, but understand the way to get them is through experiences. As well as being your hosts on this journey, they are also participants. There are no speakers, just people who are living the experiences you’ll be experiencing.

What Can I expect?

What Is It All About?
What do you REALLY want from life?

What will I get?
LIFEworking will help you improve relationships with yourself others and the environment. It will make you resilient to the point that very little, if anything will ever faze you again. You will lightly brush off reverses that others would consider traumatic and you, yourself, may have considered so before the experience. You will become more effective and efficient and accomplish more than you ever thought possible. Wonderful people will appear in your life and many will become long-lasting friends. You will inspire those who come across you and help them unearth talents they never knew they had and reach heights they could not have dreamed about. Without ever consciously wanting to, you will become an inspiring leader. You will barely recognize the person you were before you began the LIFEworking Experience and, more importantly, you will not want to. The LIFEworking Experience can do all this and more for you.